Tips & modern approaches to online marketing

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Most of the content websites have online are legacy content. What steps is your business making to generate modern, attention-grabbing stories that increase brand awareness along with showing the latest and greatest from your company.

Social Media 101

In the past, it was just about getting on Google Maps, Facebook and creating an account to get found. In the sea of 2020 online, and beyond, let's take a look at some of the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for your social marketing campaign online.

Content Syndication

This phrase simply put, is a way to showing content online without having to email links directly to them. Often times, while having the videos and pictures native on your website, this doesn't allow the "Social Hacking" to happen with your content. When you create videos, pictures and other posts online, your content is distributed through the vast number of users of that platform (often in the millions) Now placing your content in an easy to find place makes it harder for new users to connect, or happy customers to easily promote your good stories.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Pre Set Net's approach to getting your content from the "Red Zone" to the "End Zone" is handing the ball off to Social Media Touchdown champions. While everybody knows their name, what often times get's lost is, what's next and how do we put points on the board?

People often say the key to success in the gig eConomy is your strategy to being online. Along with having a strategy you need to create dynamic content that thrusts your brand into the main-street of the future. The 4 social pillars are the new billboards of marketing moving forward online.

Pay Per Click (PPC) + Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you're confident with the content you want your future customers to find, it's time to invest in putting in front of the right people. Some companies overlook the amount of time it takes to post "Pixel Perfect" social tags, pictures and spelling. Along with these posting basics comes the pressure of when to post, how often and where.

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