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Using a diverse approach to your presence online can increase ROI with existing marketing campaigns. Your Social media PPC investment creates measurable data that increases brand awareness, drives lower CPC (Cost per Click) for sponsored content all while investing in your team.


The team makes the best social currency

The difference between LinkedIn marketing and other pay per social marketing programs is the data. LinkedIn’s Data Science is a living thing that develops into more value every second, of every day.  PreSetNet  wants to help your company invest in your team. Promoting personal growth in LinkedIn increases reach, helps build value, driving more exposure to the companies brand, online. These tools increase the value of Social Currency for your company.


For as little $750.00 you can put mordernized advertisements on cell phones, social media and smart TV screens and PC's.

Did you know:

LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft in 2016 for 24.6 Billion USD Dollars

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